Lady T aka Boss Chic

Lady Tiffany aka da Boss Chic. This Jacksonville, Florida native is no stranger to struggle and making it happen on her own. Growing up she overcame many obstacles being from a single parent household and crime ridden community. By 17, she had to overcome yet another hurdle when she became a teen mom, but this did not hold her back. She went back to what she knew best, grinding, but this time it was in the booth. Always positive about life and in control of things that took place around her, she made a name for herself in the streets. She knew how to get money and respect which showed in her lifestyle. Her “girl swag” proved to anyone who crossed her path that she was definitely a Boss Chic. When asked what is the meaning of being a Boss Chic, she replied, “It’s more than just being an independent strong woman in a male dominated society, it’s becoming the Boss of your life and creating our own world, whether it’s in the streets or in a boardroom, I’m just that, a Boss.”