Bluehouse Entertainment

Bluehouse Entertainment was established in 2010 by Jacksonville, Florida natives and longtime childhood friends, Roderick Frazier and Torrey Manning. Both raised in the 21st and Phoenix area of the Eastside of Jacksonville, these guys knew early on about hardwork, dedication and focus. Being from a crime-ridden neighborhood, these two men developed business skills watching the hustlers from their neighborhood earn big bucks living the street life, but Roderick and Torrey went another route. Roderick enlisted in the US Air Force, and Torrey, well let’s say, his story will never be told.

After Roderick discharged from the Air Force, he and Torrey both became U. S. Merchant Mariners, and that’s where the idea of owning a successful entertainment company for Roderick began since he had already promoted a few parties while serving in the military. Torrey had a dream of becoming a successful recording artist, and formed the southern rap group G.C.C. (Gutta Camp Clique) along with Carlos Parker aka Carlos Santana. They had a very fast start, touring and performing with Plies and other southern Rap artists, often being promoted heavily by super DJ and promoter Bigga Rankin of Cool Runnins and CTE. After losing several childhood friends to crime and the justice system, Roderick and Torrey made a commitment to change the lives of others through music.

Being well respected in their circles of influence they together launched Bluehouse Entertainment in 2010, starting the careers of Eddie aka Spade, Dub Bang Em, and Lady Tiffany aka da Boss Chic. With a passion for music and success, they developed and nurtured the talents of their artists, never settling for mediocrity, wanting each song to have purpose in someone’s life, not just another song, but a song that lasts a lifetime with meaning and memories. When asked why did they start Bluehouse Entertainment, they both answered, “So others may win.” When others win, we can’t lose, we call that a team.

Bluehouse Entertainment is here to stay.