Eddie Kane

Being a true Eastsider, from the mean streets of Duuuuuuval County, Jacksonville, Florida, Eddie was no stranger to crime and hustling. While at the crossroads between breaking the law or being a law abiding citizens, Eddie struggled in his early years, but turned all negatives into positives, he turned to music. Being a true hip-hop junkie, especially for Tupac, Eddie Kane polished his skills by constantly writing and battling other MCs or collabing on projects. Known for his tough personality and razor sharp lyrics, childhood associates, Torrey Manning aka Baldhead and Roderick Frazier aka Pipe aka HotRod put Eddie in the studio to allow him to display his talents to the world via the Bluehouse Entertainments marketing machine alongside their Real or Nothin affiliation. When i asked Eddie what inspires him most, he said, “The love I have for my family, my community, my city and my passion for music and doing what I do 2nd best, Spit! The first thing is loving God and myself. We hope the world has place for a street lyricist such as Eddie Kane, the voice of a new era of Hip-Hop.